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The Zoo Story Review *

Cheery Game of Confusion Ends in Deadly Earnestness

Giessen. The Zoo Story by Edward Albee. The one-act play of the Virginia Wolf-author Albee (directed by Jeff Melcher) ended with an unexpected turn of events.

In "The Zoo Story," two men, who under normal conditions, have nothing to say to each other, meet accidentally. The younger man (called Jerry) insists that the other be his listener and begins talking like a waterfall. This Jerry, performed magnificently by Vincent Bagnall, floods his victim with banalities, neurotic madness and helpless brooding over God and the world. He entices, irritates and provokes him up to a fight that results in his own murder. His wish was fulfilled, an upright man of honour has done him the favour of stabbing him.

The Keller Theater has broadened its repertoire with these two surrealistic plays and proven that not only comedies have "entertainment value."

--Ute S. Lahaie, Giessener Anzeiger


* English translation by Ute S. Lahaie