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Vincent Bagnall


Height: 6'0"
Eyes: Hazel


Wide range of character voices
(listen to demo)

Military Expertise

Stage combat

Languages: English and German

Baseball, golf, skating, football



Henry IV Lord Williamstown Theater Festival, MA
The BoorSmirnov Williamstown Theater Festival, MA
Woman In The Animal Kingdom The Man New York International Fringe Festival
As You Like It Rosalind Expanded Arts, NYC
The Importance Of Being Earnest Algernon Impact Theater, NYC
Witness For The Prosecution Vole u/s All Souls Theater, NYC
The Good Time Boys Butch The Wings Theatre, NYC
The Fall of The House of Usher (National Tour) Roderick Chamber Theater, Boston, MA
The Most Dangerous Game (National Tour) Zaroff Chamber Theater, Boston, MA
Macbeth Malcolm Shakespeare & Company, San Francisco, CA
Measure for Measure Elbow Shakespeare & Company, San Francisco, CA
A Midsummer Night's Dream Lysander Shakespeare & Company, San Francisco, CA
The Zoo Story Jerry Giessen Keller Theater, Germany
The Glass Menagerie Tom Giessen Keller Theater, Germany
Hedda Gabler Judge Brack Leslie Butterworth Theater, MA
The Miss Firecracker Contest Delmount Leslie Butterworth Theater, MA
Lysistrata Cinesias Leslie Butterworth Theater, MA
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom Policeman Black Repertory Company, Berkeley, CA

Film & Television

The Ghost Sonata Johanssen PBS
Piñero Restaurant Patron Miramax Films
Golden Gate Moving Man MGM/American Playhouse Theater
As The World Turns Policeman CBS
Saturday Night Live Boy Band Singer NBC
I, Traveller The Traveller
Fender Saves The World supporting Ross Byron Productions


M.D. Geist II Major U.S. Manga
Genocyber Captain U.S. Manga
Garzey's Wing Domon U.S. Manga