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No stranger to the media spotlight, Vincent is often featured in print (New York Native, Giessener Anzeiger...etc.) and electronic media. He is already listed in the major internet search engines and portals.

 Ute S. Lahaie, a columnist for Giessener Anzeiger, a German publication, writes*, “In L. Scott Lahaie's symbolic production of The Glass Menagerie, Vincent Bagnall, as the son Tom and narrator, has the most impressionable scenes in the family.”



This page is a sampling of media coverage Vincent receives.

 The Importance of Being Earnest

The Zoo Story
Giessener Anzeiger

he Glass Menagerie
Giessener Anzeiger

M.D. Geist II

oman in the Animal Kingdom

media coverage by New York Native
'The Good Time Boys' at The Wings Theatre, NYC. Vincent appears on the right in both photographs. Courtesy:  New York Native

* English translation by Babelfish Translation