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Weimar - Dancing On the Edge Of A Storm

Dancing on the Edge of a Storm

Weimar—Dancing on the Edge of A Storm explores the dynamic relationship between art and politics kindled by the abdication of Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II. The formation of Germany’s first democracy resulted, along with an extraordinary time of introspection and revolution. Following the profound losses experienced by Germany in World War I, and the Kaiser’s abdication, the story moves into the November Revolution of 1918, the Versailles Treaty, and the subsequent restrictions placed on Germany. Berlin’s Golden Twenties reveal the harsh realities of the great inflation, riots, and bankruptcy.

Rosa Luxembourg, Walter Rathenau, Bertolt Brecht, Walter Gropius, Marlene Dietrich, and Fritz Lang are among the Weimar revolutionaries featured whose creative contributions still have lasting implications today.

Weimar—Dancing on the Edge of A Storm tells the story of a mythical and lost paradise which would last only 14 years. The story includes personal and historical interviews that trace a turbulent journey in pursuit of political and artistic expression, experimentation, and discovery.

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